Woodsview Property Management: Fees and Services


Management Fee for Vacant Units

If you are unexpectedly moving for work or personal reasons, Woodsview can manage your vacant unit. Whether you're an athlete who is changing teams or a business professional who is relocating short or long-term, we can help develop a plan that meets your specific needs. Woodsview can ensure your bills are paid, property is cleaned, and emergency repairs are quickly handled. Our rates will be determined on an individual basis, depending on property type and hands-on management needed.  


Management Fee for Rentals

Fee: Woodsview Property Management offers full-service property management and charges a flat monthly fee (usually 8-10%) based on the percentage of gross rent expected.  

Factors:  We take into consideration the location, age, and size of the property. For instance, our rates are lower for buildings that are close to our offices, need fewer upgrades or hands-on management time for maintenance or capital improvements, and offer numerous units for management.  

Flat-Rate: Unlike many other property management companies, we do not charge a commission to re-rent units. We feel commissions often create a conflict of interest, because the property management company is interested in a high tenant turnover, which is contrary to the owners' interests. Charging a flat fee ensures the owner that it’s in everyone’s best interest to find long-term, quality tenants.

We include many services in our flat monthly fee and will not nickel and dime you for unit visits.

The Woodsview Difference

Some property management companies may show you a lower monthly rate, but you’ll suddenly be caught off-guard by additional or unexpected charges.  Those low monthly rates will then become very expensive, very quickly. Many companies charge extra for services that we include in our flat-fee:

  • Relisting a unit
  • Listing on MLS (in addition to fees due to agents)
  • Tenant Screenings
  • Move-in or move-out inspections
  • Property or maintenance inspections
  • Periodically checking property grounds
  • Granting access to trades people
  • Management fees for repairs
  • Management fees to coordinate forms for and appearances at Landlord Tenant Board or Small Claims 

We also have a network of trusted real estate professionals, including agents, lawyers, and accountants, whose respective backgrounds will help ensure your property is protected. 

With Woodsview Property Management, you pay for what you get, and you get what you expect.     


Woodsview Services Sheet (pdf)